Trial underway for Isabel man accused in sex trafficking operation during Sturgis Rally 2016

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The United States says he preyed on what he believed to be a 14-year old boy for sex, but the defense says he only wanted to help the young man by offering some advice.
That's what was argued during opening statements in Federal Court Wednesday morning as the jury trial for 43-year old Andries Snyman of Isabel got underway.

Snyman is accused of attempted enticement of a minor using the internet back in August of 2016.
Assistant United States Attorney Sarah Collins said during her opening statement Wednesday morning that Snyman used an app to talk to an undercover agent posing as a 14-year old boy.
Collins said Snyman talked about having gay sex with the young boy and even showed up to meet him, adding she's thankful it wasn't an actual young boy, because she says he would of had sex with him.
But, Snyman's attorney, Tom Diggins, said Snyman did not have any intent to have sex with the fictional 14 year old.
Diggins said Snyman simply warned the fictional boy about "weirdos" and wanted to help someone who may or may not be gay,because he said Snyman didn't have anyone to talk to at that age.
Snyman faces a mandatory ten year prison sentence if convicted, with a maximum of up to life behind bars.
The trial continues all week.