Treasure hunting at Old Storybook Island

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This outdoor recreational activity garnered quite the following in Rapid City.

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim visits Old Storybook Island to meet some local treasure hunters.

Today members of the Black Hills Prospecting Club swang their metal detectors to and fro as X doesn't always mark the spot for these treasure hunters.

Many people like the hobby because they love discovering a piece of history, for others, it gets them out of the house.

Black Hills Prospecting Club President Gary Mallams says, "It gets people outdoors in the fresh air. It's very fresh today It's a day to be out. The comradery amongst people is one of the things that's very enjoyable about the club."

Several people found coins and rings at the park.

One man came all the way from Hungary to metal detect with the club, and he's been treasure hunting since 1991.

Tibor Kovacs says, "When I was a little boy I saw Indiana Jones on the T.V. so I think that was so cool. From that time I was looking for treasures all around."

Kovacs loves treasure hunting so much that he wrote a book about it: the best places to go and proper metal detecting techniques.

Kovacs uses his hobby to explore the world, and find cool relics.

Tibor Kovacs says, "Lots of antiques in Europe, all around Europe. They other way like gold nuggets here in the Black Hills."

Mallams says metal detecting is not about getting wealthy, it's about exploring and forming friendships.

To find out more about metal detecting, visit the Black Hills Prospecting Club.