Traffic report shows most traveled roads in Rapid City

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You may have noticed certain roads in Rapid City are busier than other roads, now there's a report to back you up, explaining which roads are most traveled on in Rapid City.

The 2016 Traffic Volume Counts Report tracks the number and movement of vehicles that travel the roads of Rapid City.
The one day count was done during a non-busy weekday to compare to years past.
Four sections saw volumes of more than 30,000 vehicles per day, including West Main Street, Omaha Street and part of I-90.
But, those weren't the only roads getting all the attention.

Kelly Brennan says, "This year we noticed some pretty drastic increases in a couple areas. One would be out by Mall Drive, all that new infrastructure out there definitely showed up. Another bit one that we saw was West Boulevard and that's a lot due to the construction on Mount Rushmore Road."

The report is just one tool used to plan traffic volume in Rapid City.
It helps the city make decisions when it comes to road improvements and much more.