Tourists and locals turn to camping for summer vacations

Published: Jun. 15, 2020 at 3:25 PM MDT
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Tourists and locals alike are looking for ways to enjoy summer.

Concerts are cancelled and amusement parks are closed. So how are people spending their summer vacation? Camping. RV dealers across Rapid City have seen an increase in both camper rentals and sales.

Tyler Troupe

Owner Mid-West

"We're up probably I don't know, three times the volume of last year," said Tyler Troupe, Mid-West Campers and Recreation Owner. "You know a typical month, me being a small dealership, usually we sell 10, 12 units a month. Last month for example we sold 43."

Camper sales and rentals usually pick up around the beginning of June but this year people started shopping in April and May.

"And then all of a sudden it we just bam, picked up like crazy and the thing is, what we're getting is nobody wants to stay in hotels, nobody wants to go to theme parks, people want to be in RV's, traveling, in RV's in the Hills, social distancing so we are literally booked up for the summer," said Trevin Engesser, Black Hills Pro Wash Owner.

RV Dealers said it's not only locals looking for campers, it's all across the country.

"Our local people of course are wanting to upgrade, wanting to trade. There's a shortage of inventory around the nation right now, so for example this last weekend I just delivered one down to Alliance, Nebraska. So, I mean our customers are coming from far," said Troupe.

Engesser says he's excited to be completely booked for the summer and to know his seasonal business will make it through another winter.

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