Tiny paper homes help bring attention to the need for affordable housing

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RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) Tiny Homes are being built out of paper and folded into the shapes of homes and Habitat will fill a bin up until they reach 3,500

The 3,500 campaign challenge shows how many families are need of affordable housing in Rapid City.

The need for affordable housing comes from many community members who struggle with other bills they may have.

I think that all of us know somebody who needs a decent place to live that is affordable. Maybe it is that person you know that doesn't have a car to get to work because they pay so much in rent. Or maybe it is that person that is sick all the time they can't get medical help because of their premium costs more than they are earning.' says Scott Engmann

If any local businesses, schools, or community members would like to help put the homes together you can contact Habitat and get the materials or you can download them from the website.