Thune speaking at Republican retreat

John Thune

Thursday was day two of the Republican Congressional Retreat at the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia.

President Donald Trump addressed the group.
He told them Republicans are coming off one of "the greatest years in the history of a party."
As chair of the Senate Republican Conference, South Dakota Senator John Thune is one of the lawmakers there tasked with bringing Republicans together.

Sen Thune says, "If you're unified and you function as a team, you get things done. When you get things done, you provide a record of accomplishment that, particularly in the House, and in the Senate for that matter, that our members can run on next fall. And I think, more than anything else, the American people want to see results. So the message, really, is that we were able to accomplish a lot last year when we functioned and worked as team. And if we want to get results this year, it's going to require people come together."

Thune says that can be hard since they have people in different places on some of the important issues.