Three Republicans in District 30 Senate primary race

We're right about a week and a half away from the South Dakota Primary.
There are three Republicans in the race for the GOP ballot spot for the State Senate in District 30.
Two former state legislators are running, Bruce Rampelberg and Patricia Shiery.
Current State Senator Lance Russell is also in the race, while also looking for the Republican nomination for attorney general.
Each talks about the issue they think needs to be addressed in Pierre.

Bruce Rampelberg says, "We've got several big issues I think. One of the big one, as I see it, of course, is education. How do we fund our schools and our teachers? It's been a problem probably forever. We have some issues again with the budget. How do we pay for everything that needs to be out there? where do we come up wit the funds? Because in the final analysis, we all pay."

Patricia Shiery says, "there is a grave injustice happening to our families. The government is infringing on parental rights and taking away children without cause. The Common Core education, that whole foundation, that whole curriculum, is failing not only the students in school, but infringing on parents."

Lance Russell says, "We are firing teachers in the small school districts because the state funding formula was changed two years ago to favor the large school districts of the state at the expense of the small schools. 17 teachers have been laid off in the last two years in these districts, in the dstricts in the southern Black Hills. We have to get that funding formula fixed."

There is one declared Democrat in the District 30 Senate race, Kristine Winter of Hot Springs.