The school bond vote is less than a month away

The vote is less than a month away.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The Rapid City Area school board has put forward a resolution for the taxpayers to fund:

"Three new elementary schools, a new middle school, some high school renovations at Stevens High School, and some safety and security concerns and other facilities upgrades at elementary schools and other schools in the district including furnishing and financing those changes," said Amy Policky who is a member of the Rapid City Area school board.

The bond costs more than $189,000,000 and Policky says it's something that the district needs.

"It started as we saw aging infrastructures and old facilities that need more and more repair and they take more and more of our repair budget, our capital outlay budget, and to the point where they're falling apart. We need large changes to those schools and that budget is not able to take care of those large scale facility needs," said Policky.

Tonchi Weaver who is co-chair of the Taxpayers for Sensible School Bonds think there is a better way.

"We think there's a better approach. We think that a reasonable bond would take the worst-case situations and deal with them over a shorter period of time and then that would be something we could support. We don't deny there are needs and we do believe there are ways to make this palatable for everyone."

The election is set for February 25th.