The Mammoth Site brings more money than you may expect to Hot Springs economy

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The Mammoth Site brings in many people each year to the town of Hot Springs and leaves a larger economic impact than you might expect.

The site was discovered in 1974 when excavation began for a housing development. This active paleontological dig site holds the title for the largest known concentration of mammoth remains in the world. It brings in thousands of visitors each year. Outside of South Dakota, Business Manager Presston Gabel says most come from Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming.

The Mammoth Site Business Manager Presston Gabel says, "The Mammoth Site is first and foremost a research and education center. We just happen to be funded by tourism. We get a little over 100,000 visitors a year, and our economic impact for the community and everything is a little north of $6 million."

Gabel hopes the new skull will bring in more visitors as The Mammoth Site does more public education and opens up the doors to view the preparation process.