The Journey remembers Flood of '72

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Rapid City, SD The Journey Museum is commemorating the 45th anniversary of the flood of 1972.

Attendees heard from former Rapid City Mayor Don Barnett - who helped get the area through the tragic flood.

The natural disaster took the lives of 238 people.

But, Pennington County Emergency Management says the area is now better equipped to warn residents of an emergency.

Pennington County has 35 sirens - which compares to just 4 back in 1972.

And officials say it's important to never forget the tragedy and stay prepared.

Alexa White, the deputy director of Pennington County Emergency Management, said "We can't forget that that happened. We can't forget that we need to be safe. We can't forget that we need to prepare every day and keep our families safe. And that's not just the responsibility of the government or the people in your city, or county. But that's your responsibility as a homeowner - whether it's to make preparations for a big fire, or for a big flood, to have an emergency kit. Those are all things we can do every day to keep our families safe."

Officials say the Black Hills is prone to severe weather - and it flooding could happen at any time.