The Cornerstone Rescue Mission celebrates impact in the community

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The Cornerstone Rescue Mission continues to help more people each year and at their annual Cornerstone Celebrate's Gala Saturday they recognized the impact volunteers, donors, and officials have on the community.

With more than 190 thousand meals served in 2018 and providing a safe place for more than 3 thousand people to sleep, The Cornerstone Rescue Mission is making an impact.

"This town needs this mission. A lot of people from all over they depend on it big time I mean, people out there in the cold, people that don't got no homes, people that come from different states and there's a lot of them out there and the mission got its doors open," says Robert Rodriguez, the keynote speaker for Saturday's Cornerstone Celebrates Gala.

With help from people at the mission he has built his life here and share's his story.

"But when they really hear from somebody who's been homeless and who's been through the mission and the struggles that they've had and how successful they've ben able to be with the community's help you know that really warms people's hearts and it helps them, yeah I really do make a difference by giving to the mission," says Lysa Allison, executive director of the Cornerstone Rescue Mission.

That community support is something Rodriguez is immensely grateful for.

"What they're doing is very important, very important because they might not realize how important it is, how much it's needed there's a lot of people out there that benefit from all that do better things that, that are really in despair too," he says.