The Badlands celebrates National Park Week

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National parks across the country preserve and protect our country's resources, and they're being celebrated with National Park Week.

We go to the Badlands to see the importance of these parks in our corner of the world.

National Park Week runs from April 21st through April 29th.

On Monday the Badlands National Park celebrated with free admission.

Christine Czazasty says, "And throughout this week, the park is celebrating stories of national parks. The theme for this year is Park Stars. That can be anything from our starry skies to our dedicated volunteers, the amazing resources that we have."

Parts of the land were turned into national parks to help preserve our country's history.

One of the main reasons the Badlands was set aside was because it contained fossil resources of pre-historic mammals... dating back several thousands of years.

Christine Czazasty says, "As you look at the different layers, the different strata that you can find in the Badlands formations, each of those layers tells us a different story. From the lowest level, which would be the oldest level, we know that when the dinosaurs were roaming around that this was actually an inland sea and some of our visitors are a little surprised that the fossils we find aren't dinosaurs."

The Badlands' landscape also shows how the climate has changed the area from marshy lands to the harsh, prairie-like terrain of today.
But Czazasty of the Badlands National Park says they have more to offer than just fossils.

Christine Czazasty says, "We certainly have our rich wildlife. Badlands preserves one of the largest areas of mixed grass prairie lands here in our country. In addition, we have a rich cultural history as well."

Czazasty says the best way to show your support is to visit.

To learn more about National Park Week and what parks are doing to celebrate, visit the website for National Park Week