Teens bring awareness to homelessness through 5K

A group of teens took to Founder's park to bring awareness to youth homelessness. The coordinator says he knows it's something people witness all the time but figured that having people tie up their shoes and go for a run would be a great way to spread the word even more.

Alec Ruml says, "A lot of people are aware that homelessness is an issue but I don't think alot of people are aware of how greatly it affects of community.

I can just imagine being in High School, being in the middle school even elementary being homeless on the streets, hopping from house to house staying in your car it just be a tough situation for alot of kids."

Housing for the Homeless counts more than 200 children without homes as of the beginning of this year. Youth Engagement Coordinator for Teen Up says she's pleased with the amount of work young people are doing to bring attention to efforts like this one and many others.

Kristin Kiner, Youth Engagement Coordinator for Teen Up, says "It's very exciting to see young people coordinate their own efforts in creativity the change that they want to see the community."
The neat thing about their advocacy and their coordination is that they inspire the young people their peers to get involved too and so it just grows from there."

Proceeds from the Homeless Hustle 5K will go towards an Emergency Assistance Fund Account for the Homeless Coalition Youth Task Force.