Tax Day 2017: What happens if you don't file?

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If you still need to file your taxes, you're running out of time to get it done.

The IRS has received more than 103 million individual income tax returns since April 7th and expect even more to be filed by the end of Tuesday.

The clock is ticking for those last-minute filers, there are only hours left to file your returns.
But if you're tempted to keep it putting it off, tax professionals say that's not wise.

One tax pro from Casey Peterson and Associates says it's okay to extend even if you can't pay.
He says many of the people who don't file their taxes do it because they may not have the money.
He suggests to keep it legal, file your taxes, and set up an installment plan to pay the IRS because it doesn't get any better if you don't.

Michael Dell with Casey Peterson and Associates says, "If you don't do anything, don't file a return, don't extend the return, the consequences are that penalties start increasing start today. They mount and mount and mount. Plus if you don't file a return, the statute of limitations doesn't start running either. Now you have no filed returns and the IRS will come back on that return for forever."

For those who choose to mail out their returns, the post office is collecting mail until midnight tonight.