Sweet sounds and tastes from SDSMT Music Department

A whole variety of music soothing the audience tonight. There was a concert choir singing four songs all portraying love, a jazz band, classical ensemble pieces and solos as well. Something unique --- each meal course was accompanied by musical selections ending with swing music of the World War II era. With more than 100 people in attendance and more than 100 student performers, one instructor says it really advances the mission of the scholarship program.

Matthew Bumbach, director of choirs at SDSMT, says "It's an opportunity for the community to come into the music school and for them to actually support our scholarship fund, we have 16 scholarship students this semester who are all science and engineering students and the university but every single one of them participates in music so this is an opportunity for us to help raise funds so that we can help actually increase up to 25 scholarships."

Bumbach says if you do not know much about the music program at the university, stop by and see them at one of their concerts to get a taste.