Sweet Adelines rehearsal hopes to bring music to heal

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The Black Hills Showcase Chorus had their weekly rehearsal Tuesday evening at the Performing Arts Center in Rapid City.

the group learned Rolling in the Deep by Adele and this week's practice meant a lot for the all women's choir who feels their music is aimed to heal and help people who may be struggling with grief from the events earlier this week.

" We just want to send a shout out to the world that needs a lot of harmony and a lot of healing and that's what our music does for us, and hope it will do for everybody that's listening to our voices. We are here for you Las Vegas we've got your back. God Bless. We love you"

If you are interested in joining the Region 8 Sweet Adelines chorus they rehearse every Tuesday night at 6:45 on the second floor of the Performing Arts Center.