Sturgis freshman inspires elementary kids with her book

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Not everyone can say they've written three books before completing high school.
But one Sturgis Brown freshman has done just that.

At only fifteen years old, Danika Gordon is spreading a big message.
It's a message found within the covers of her third book -- 'A Superhero Surprise.'
The book tells the story of a boy given a t-shirt from his grandma, who tells him anybody can be a superhero.

Danika Gordon says, "Going throughout the book, he finds out through his actions and the kind things he does for people, he really is a superhero."
A point she was hoping to get across to second graders at South Park Elementary Monday.
Gordon says, "Superheroes aren't heroes that fly or have super strength. They can change the world just by their actions."
'A SuperHero Surprise' is a part of the Books 4 Kids program, a program that promotes inclusion and brings authors in to schools to talk about their books.

Colleen Liebsch says, "When they get a little bit older and start getting involved in deviant behavior or violent behavior. Most of the time it's because they felt left out. They didn't feel included. They don't feel like they're a part of something -- so it's a part of lashing out."
Kids in the classroom got a free copy of the book and some valuable lessons about reading and kindness.

Aiden T. says, "Being a nice person, so we can be a good person for the whole school to be smarter and better."
Trinity L. says, "You can learn more stuff so you're smarter."
Liebsch says, "If you give them an event where they're all included equally, it gives them a feeling that they can accomplish a lot."
But one of the most important messages Books 4 Kids and Danika want to get across, you can do whatever you dream of.
Liebsch says, "It really lets them know that they can be an author too."
So far, the program has given out more than 13,000 books across several states.