Sturgis High School student collects sleeping bags for homeless

Staff at Cornerstone Rescue mission thank Jeremiah Morton for his dedication to homelessness and poverty through his sleeping bag drive (KEVN).
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Jeremiah Morton, a senior at Sturgis Brown High School, is all about keeping people warm this winter.

"I just want to make a difference in the community and actually help out people instead of just sitting back and turning a blind eye to it," Morton said.

It is the reason he chose homelessness and poverty for his senior capstone project.

He decided to start a sleeping bag donation drive.

Morton is partnering with the cornerstone rescue mission that serves about 3,000 homeless people per year.

While the mission does not have room for all of them, he wants to make sure those that cannot get a real bed inside keep warm.

"We definitely need more Jeremiahs. To have that young energetic spirit that just wants to get out there and help the community. You know he's just ... He's going above and beyond," said Lisa Allison, executive director, cornerstone rescue mission.

Morton's goal is to collect between 200 to 300 used and new sleeping bags along with other winter survival gear.

"I'm hoping to meet that and if I don't you know if it's like some ... It's ok with me. As long as I've shown that I actually care and there are people out there you actually do care."

The ambitious senior said he is using his Christian values and education to serve those that need it most.

"I just want to save people's lives and give them that chance to actually live and get back on their feet to survive," Morton ended.

Drop off Locations:

Cornerstone Rescue Mission - 30 Main St., Rapid City

Journey Church - 640 E Saint Patrick St., Rapid City

Sturgis Brown High School- 12930 E. Highway 34, Sturgis

Jeremiah Morton plans to collect between 200 and 300 used and new sleeping bags for his senior capstone project (KEVN).