Sturgis Coffee Company hosts fundraiser to help out Olympic hopefuls

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These two local boxers are punching their way to the Olympics, and Saturday the community of Sturgis was ready to climb in the ring and help make that dream come true.

The Sturgis Coffee Company hosted a fundraiser for Spearfish boxers Marle Wendland and Autumn Beliveau.

17-year-old Marle is ranked second in the nation for boxing in her weight category and 16-year-old Autumn is ranked fourth.

Marle says this fundraiser will help them travel to a national tournament in New Mexico in March, and if they do well there and several other tournaments, they'll add up enough points to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Marle Wendland, ranked 2nd in the nation for her weight class, says, "When I first started boxing, I didn't really have the motivation to fight and then I started doing it and I really enjoyed it, and then I had my first fight and then I had my first win, and I've just - ever since then I've wanted to go for the Olympics."

Marle says each trip costs $3,000 to $5,000, so she's beyond grateful for everyone's support, especially her parents.