Students show their appreciation for teachers this week

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Many students chalk up their successes to their teachers -- and teachers will tell you they win everyday, because of their students.
This week and next are dedicated to honoring that bond -- and appreciating teachers for all they do.

They've made their career in the classroom, dedicating hours of their time to the job.

Rebecca Weber, 4th grade teacher says, "As a teacher, I'm a mother, a nurse, a hair stylist. I take on every single duty."
Different duties but for the same cause -- to be a positive role model for their students.

Bre Caveene, 3rd grade teacher, says, "I had a student write that I tell him he can do this. Sometimes you wonder if you're making a difference, and then you read stuff like that and realize that you are."
And oftentimes, these teachers don't always get recognized for their work.
But that's what these couple of weeks are for -- this week and next are being observed around the country as Teacher Appreciation Week.

And students are getting in on the celebration -- noting what they love about their teachers.
Third grader Ayllee Heinrich says, "They help us learn and they're nice."

Thomas Rogers, 4th grader, says, "They let us have a lot of fun when it's an okay time and when it's the learning time, they make us listen to get a better education."
Students at Robbinsdale Elementary are honoring their instructors for all the lessons they teach them with thank you cards.

Brayden Jackson, a 3rd grader, says, "If we didn't have teachers, we wouldn't be able to be as smart. We wouldn't know as much."
And some of those lessons can't come from a textbook.
Rogers says, "Being nice to everybody in hopes you can be a great person."

And as they close the book on another school year -- moving on to their next chapter -- students are reflecting on the importance of thanking their life coaches.
Jackson says, "Maybe they wouldn't want to teach us as much if they didn't know we were actually listening to them."
And teachers say some of the kind words that come out of Teacher Appreciation Week mean the world to them.

Weber says, "I put my heart and soul into teaching. It means the world to me when people notice that."
Caveene says, "You're with them every single day. They become a part of you and I'm so happy I chose this profession. Even the hard days it's so worth it."

Governor Dennis Daugaard has declared next week National Teacher Appreciation Week, but many schools across the country were celebrating this past week.