Students get a look inside the health industry

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Western Dakota Tech was a busy place today.

Students getting hands-on experience.

Students from local high schools got a chance to practice skills in health care fields.

Due to the weather, a school from Wyoming was not able to make it, but that didn't stop the ones who did make it from having fun.

The students go to transfer patients from bed to a stretcher, learn how to take blood pressure, and even learn to use IVs.

Suzanne Brandt who is a nursing instructor helps the students learn what they would like to be down the road.

"I hope that they get an idea maybe what career they might be interested in," said Brandt. "Obviously, because they are here they are probably already thinking they might be interested in a health care career of some type and so today they will get to see what those careers look like more in action and what they might actually be doing on the job in these careers."

Brandt brought her daughter to this event years back and ended up getting a job at the school.