Students get a firsthand look at future US Armed Forces opportunities

Published: Apr. 21, 2018 at 10:01 PM MDT
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Young men and women looking to serve our country were getting a head start Saturday at Senator Mike Rounds's Academy Day.

Students and their families were able to jump right in and learn about the steps in the process of becoming n officer in the armed forces through the military academy. They watched a video highlighting the five different service academies including West Point, US Naval, Air Force, Marine, and Coast Guards Academies and their different missions and skill sets. The group also got to hear experiences of those who have served and are currently serving who say this time in the process is essential.

"Students who take initiative, who are driven, who are persevering and who seek excellence in all they do. They want them to get involved early in athletics, academics and leadership positions so the students coming here today is a great step in the right direction and kind of their first big step in completing the academy process. It's a long process but it is worth it at the end," said Rourke Massey, MIDN 2/C in the US Naval Academy.

Rising seniors will be applying for the Academy this summer and have the opportunity to go to summer seminars to gain leadership experience to help along the way. If any one is interested in learning more about the Academy or any of the branches, they can contact Senator Mike Rounds's office.