Student walk out planned for several Rapid City Schools

Recent school shootings have resulted in backlash from students across the country, with many planning to walk out of class in protest of current gun laws.

Students from multiple Rapid City Area Schools, including Stevens and Central High School have planned protests to last seventeen minutes in honor of the seventeen lives lost in the recent Florida school shooting.

Rapid City Area Schools say they support students' rights to express themselves, but can't condone, support or endorse any type of protest.

Katy Urban is the communications manager for the district and says there have been positive talks between students and administrators.and she expects everything to go smoothly if students choose to walk out.

Rapid City Area Schools Communications Manager Katy Urban says, "We have talked to a number of our students. They've been very forthcoming, they've been engaging, they've talked to our building administrators, and they've said, 'Hey, this is something we want to do.' So we've been working with them, and what we've landed on is that we're going to designate a space in our schools where if they would like to walkout at 10 a.m. for 17 minutes, then we will allow that. We're not going to get in the way, they won't be counted absent or unexcused."

One student who says she will participate in the walkout says that even though they're kids, they have a voice, and they demand to be heard.

Central High School Senior Rose Lamoureaux says, "The idea originated with the Majory Stoneman Douglas students in Florida after the massacre happened. It was theater students actually who started this. They decided they wanted to be heard. Their voices were going to be heard. It spread really quickly because we feel that our safety is the most important thing because it's a learning environment. This is where we should go to feel safe."

Walkouts from classes around the country and in Rapid City are scheduled for March 14th.

The Rapid City Area Schools say that if any student leaves the campus or does not return to class after the 17 minutes they will then be marked absent.