Storybook Island's Once Upon a Festival

Event staff say so far the event has brought in more than 1200 visitors and as the turnout continues to grow, they are so glad that families and kids have so many things to get involved in while there.

Connie LeZotte, Story Book Island Executive Director, says "If you want to do the strong man contest, we have the bell that you can try to ring, there's also face painting, there's a lot of booths here in the park. We have the duck pond, we have a fishing pond, all kinds of activities."

A few familiar faces were walking around to greet kids, read and sing to them. Some say they are so happy they get the chance to come out and be a part of the magic.

Swabby Marc says, "We're apart of the leadership Rapid City crew and this is one of the events we wanted to help keep Story Book Island Free for all kids and that was part of why we got involved.

Captain Bob Sparrow continues, "This event helps raise money for Story Book Island all year long so Story Book can be free in the summer months for all the kids to come. It's really a great thing."

Once Upon a Festival will be back open Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the admission fee is $3