Stories brought to life at Great American Book Festival

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Instead of just flipping through the pages of someone's life, Rapid City locals had the chance to meet the people who lived those experiences in person on Saturday.

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim introduces us to some of the authors at this year's Great American Book Festival.

Award-winning authors from across the country and around the world gathered at Main Street Square for the book festival.

Writers signed books and met with fans throughout the day.

Carmela Dutra is the author and illustrator of children's book "Little Katie Goes to the Moon."

By writing this story, she hopes little girls go into the STEAM field, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

Author and Illustrator Carmela Dutra says, "I've been in arts for longer than I could even remember. I was drawing and doodling before I even started writing my name. STEAM, STEM, is all around us: where we're standing, the structure behind us, the buildings, the houses we live in. It wouldn't be possible without STEM and STEAM."

Mukuka Chipanta wrote A Casualty of Power, a story about the culture clash between Zambia's indigenous people and the Chinese in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia.

Author Mukuka Chipanta says, "And we saw a lot of changes that happened from the standpoint of social amenities changing and that type of thing. And so it's a story that kind of has always been brewing in my mind for quite some time and one day I put pen to paper and I wrote the book."

Chipanta came to the festival to promote his book and literacy.

Author Mukuka Chipanta says, "I always say to people, 'Read, read a lot, read widely' because I think books are the one thing that really can open your mind, take you to places that you wouldn't ordinarily go and understand different things, getting into somebody else's shoes, different perspectives."

At the festival, visitors could also watch interactive storytelling performances and make some arts and crafts.