Stockgrowers Association learning how to use technology in the industry

With the use of technology, developers say business owners are moving towards utilizing third-party verification companies
for food production practices. They say that this way, consumers can verify that the attributes on a particular product is indeed what is actually listed.

Although some of the practices are bit more costly, the systems put extra money in the producers' pockets and guarantee customers good beef.

Doug Stanton, VP of Customer Service and Business Development from Where Food Comes From, says"Technology, one for traceability standpoint so the consumers can be assured that we know where that's coming from and also the technology with DNA also as far as knowing the quality of the cattle.

Silvia Christen, Executive Director of the SD Stockgrowers Association says "You know you're paying a premium on some of those labeled meats and our producers also can receive a premium for producing that product.

When going to a restaurant to order steak or any other product, consumers are encouraged to ask questions about where their meat comes from.