Stevens High School celebrates Native American Day with very first school wide assembly

There was a big pow wow at Stevens High School Thursday afternoon
as they hosted their very first school wide assembly to celebrate Native American Day.

The school brought in traditional Native American dancers and musicians to entertain students and even teach them a few of the steps.
Some of the Native American students at Stevens participated and spoke about the origin behind the holiday that was once named Columbus Day in South Dakota. Educators said the program is a way for the the students to share with their classmates the importance of the culture and the reason behind them getting the day off. They said the response at the program really highlights the appreciation.

Elizabeth Mousel, Cultural Resource Specialist for the Title VI Indian Education Program, says "To have our culture represented within the school district and represented here at Stevens High School, it shows the support of our administration. It shows that they appreciate who we are and as our students we're talking about, this is a great way to bridge the gap and to educate each other about our culture."

This year's assembly marks the 13th annual Native American Day celebration at Stevens. Students will be out of school on Monday, Oct. 9.