Spring Parade of Homes brings together builders an buyers

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - From house to house, families go.

The Black Hills Home Builders Associations gives builders and buyers the opportunity to meet halfway and parade through the season's latest.

"It's a chance for clients and families to meet multiple different builders and different building styles and see some of the new innovative creative ideas that we are putting in homes nowadays," said Daene Boomsma, owner of Boom Construction.

So what exactly are buyers looking for in Spring 2018?
One builder says first, they have to find the right lot.

"That's the first step in building any home is finding that lot that you like and that seems to be the challenge in the last couple of years really," Boomsma said.

He says something else that buyers want and look for is space.

"We find that people really appreciate the creative ideas when it comes to using the square footage to the best of our ability," Boomsma continued.

One mother-daughter duo says they have been parading all weekend and pointed out what they think is unique about the homes this season.

"The color schemes, alot of the different colors schemes are alot of greys. Greys must be the colors this year. Backsplashes are gorgeous," said Janet Boeve.

"Alot of the new materials that they are using, alot of new ideas for people that are trying to do remodels too," said Tammy Boeve.

They also explained how the parading experience can be helpful for someone buying or just browsing to learn more.

"All of them are always very helpful. If you have some questions or ideas about new heating things that are going on and like I said, like the new products or composites or things like that," Tammy added.

They say this season's parade was not their first, and certainly will not be their last.

"As many as we can possibly fit in. As many years with weather cooperation, and of course this time, the weather cooperated beautifully."