Special Producer's Association creates ties at Black Hills Farmers Market

Published: Jul. 21, 2018 at 10:12 PM MDT
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You could try a tasty sample at the Black Hills Farmers Market Saturday. It is the state's Specialty Producer's Association's way of creating a relationship between local meat producers and restaurants throughout the community.

The South Dakota Specialty Producers Association is the advocacy group for people who produce local food items across the state. They partnered with Cheff Jeff Slather of the Colonial House here in Rapid City this afternoon to give out free samples of his juicy pork sliders.

The meat used for the sliders come from Maude Hog and Cattle, a producer that is front and center at the Farmers Market.

"We are starting to do these local food events where we pair a chef with a producer because if you don't know it, food that is prepared locally, grown locally is not only better tasting, it's better for you," said Cory Tomovick, membership coordinator for the South Dakota Specialty Producers Association.

Tomovick says with success from this year's local food events, she envisions having them more frequently at the market next year. Chef MJ Adams is up next to cook on August 18.