Spearfish community shows support for BHSU Women's Triathlon team

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The Black Hills got their exercise on Sunday to support the Black Hills State Yellow Jacket Women's Triathlon team.

Members of the community swam, biked, and ran around BHSU.

The team hosted both a triathlon called "Just Tri It" and "It's Funner Being a Runner" 5K run.

Their director says these events are a good way for the Women's Triathlon team to get to know the community better.

Director of Triathlon at Black Hill State University Colleen Mischke says, "And then for the ladies it's good for them to meet other triathletes, help the younger ones. We have a lot of young kids today. We've got a 10-year-old, 11-year-old, 13-year-old. We got some teenagers today, all the way up to age 70 so it's nice to see this event and the sport of triathlon just grow because it really is a sport for all ages."

The event raised about $500 in donations.

Proceeds from the events help the women's triathlon with traveling and equipment.

In the summer, the Lady Jackets will volunteer with South Dakota Special Olympics.