South Dakota sees rising concern for cyber danger

Published: Apr. 24, 2020 at 6:30 PM MDT
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We've all seen it. Lists of questions people share on Facebook. But your answers to these questions may be used by others.

"Certainly a bad actor would be looking for something to where they maybe trying to access some of your personal questions or your password recovery questions," Supervisory Special Agent, Brent Gromer, says. Password recovery questions such as your favorite color and your favorite teacher's name. And sometimes without realizing it, people publicly answer these questions on social media. In addition, there's another issue on the rise recently.

"With all of our kids being home we've seen a fairly drastic increase in the number of cyber tips that South Dakota Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is receiving mostly because we've got so many kids home not just the kids home, the offenders who want to do harm to kids are also home." And many mobile apps don't verify users' age.

"Really all the child has to do is come up with a birth date that says they are 18 and they can use those. And certainly with those applications use some type of geo location." The offenders could then potentially scout victims nearby. To avoid this, Gromer reminds parents to check in on their children's internet activity, while also being careful with sharing information online.

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