South Dakota listed as eighth most charitable state

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While those are giving across the country, some states aren't nearly as charitable as South Dakota.

A recent Wallethub study ranks the Mount Rushmore state as the number eight most giving state in the United States.
According to the report, South Dakota is second for the highest volunteer rate.
It's something the United Way of the Black Hills can attest to. Officials at the nonprofit say South Dakotans are among the most caring you'll ever come across.

Jamie Toennies, Executive Director of the United Way of the Black Hills says, "Just seeing the power and the difference those donations make. We had someone donate 50 cents because it's all they have in their pocket to the largest donations from many of our business partners in our community like Black Hills Energy and Scheels. Knowing that those dollars are going to help families be successful, transforming their lives, and in many cases saving their lives. There's no better reward in the world than that."

Utah is listed as the most charitable state, followed by Maryland. Also ahead of South Dakota are our neighbor states of Minnesota and Wyoming.