South Dakota lawmakers to debate state budget

The South Dakota Legislature was in special session Monday, hammering out new rules so people could regain access to lakes mostly on private land.

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) – South Dakota lawmakers plan to debate the state budget before ending the main part of the 2018 legislative session.

Lawmakers are set to approve the state spending plan Friday before leaving Pierre. Officials in February projected they will have more money available than Gov. Dennis Daugaard anticipated when he proposed his budget plan late last year.

The Legislature's Joint Committee on Appropriations adopted a $1.64 billion target for the upcoming budget year 2019, up about $18.8 million from December.

That's good news for teachers, Medicaid providers and state workers. Sen. Larry Tidemann, co-chair of the panel, says education is receiving a 1 percent increase for budget year 2019 at a cost of about $7.2 million. He says "stay tuned" about other funding areas.

Lawmakers will return March 26 to consider gubernatorial vetoes.