South Dakota is in minority on school start days

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - South Dakota students are heading back to school this month, allowing us to once again ask the question: Should school start after Labor Day?

According to a just released Rasmussen survey, 53 percent of Americans want school to start in September, as it does in most northern states. This is up from 50 percent last year but still down when compared to 2009 when 61 percent of adults believed the later start was best.

Virtually unchanged from last year is the 34 percent who think school should begin in August, as is predominant among the southern United States.

The undecided account for the remaining 13 percent of people surveyed.

When it comes to the question of year-round school, 68 percent oppose it. That is up from 64 percent a year ago. Just 21 percent favor a 12-month school year, while 10 percent are not sure. Most adults have been opposed to a year-round system for years.