South Dakota consumers swamped with robocalls

PIERRE, S.D. (KEVN TV) - Robocalls are on the rise not only in South Dakota but nationwide. According to a release from the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office, an estimated 2.4 billion robocalls were received nationwide over the course of one month.

Common topics used by scammers include: free trips or travel offers, warranties, social security benefits, IRS calls and student loans.

Scammers will have a sense of urgency or ask for immediate actions to be taken. Some calls will ask people to complete an action such as dialing “1” to be removed from their call list. By following instructions, users are unknowingly acknowledging that they have a working number.

“Scammers are continuing to use robocalls to obtain personal identifying information and to steal your identity,” said Attorney General Marty Jackley. “If you do not recognize the incoming number, then please do not answer.”

Apps such as NOMOROBO, Hiya, Roberkiller and SMS Blocker are available to mobile phone users. Landline users are encouraged to contact their phone company for information about available robocall-blocking technology.

If you believe you may be the victim of a scam, the Attorney General’s Office recommends contacting your financial institution followed by the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-300-1986 or submitting a complaint.