South Dakota adopts Every Student Succeeds Act

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Education officials in South Dakota are working to prepare students to be college and career ready when they graduate.

South Dakota is ditching the No Child Left Behind Act -- and adopting the Every Student Succeeds Act.
The new plan explores options to help students based on their level of learning, rather than grade level overall.

A summary of the plan under the ESSA was highlighted at Tuesday's Board of Education meeting.
Officials say there aren't many significant changes under the new act, but they say there are some benefits.

Deputy Director, Laura Schiebe, with the Division of Accountability Systems says, "We're trying to roll measures of growth more into the accountability indicators. Also, when identifying schools for extra support -- those that may need additional intervention from the support for the district. We have more freedom in designing those interventions to reach their needs rather than from prescribed federal interventions we have to follow."

Scheibe says the full plan will be unveiled in a couple of weeks, and they'll be looking for public input once it's released.