South Dakota Stockgrowers Association celebrates their 126th Annual Convention in Rapid City

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The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association is celebrating their 126th Annual Convention and Tradeshow in Rapid City.

Ranchers from all over the state have gathered for the two day convention to learn more about what's going on in the livestock industry.
Thursday, the South Dakota CattleWomen met for their annual business and planning meeting.
Their goal is to empower women so that they can use their passion that they have for the industry to help promote beef.

Executive Director for the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association, Silvia Christen, says, "It's interesting, I think we probably have more women involved in agriculture today, than we ever have and yet there seems to be a little bit, sometimes that feeling of the ranch wife, but women are absolutely involved in every aspect of our industry anymore and most of these women, even though they're probably a ranch wife, are also full time help and work on the operation, they're incredibly capable women."

And the American National CattleWomen President was in attendance as she continues to travel across the United States to different conventions helping women promote the beef cattle industry.

American National CattleWomen President, Penny Zimmerman, says, "If you look at statistics and such, over 33% of ranches and farms are either owned or operated by women, so women are in the business world, as we know, as well as in the ranch world and farming."

The convention continues through Friday.