South Dakota Speciality Producers hosts garden tours

The South Dakota Specialty Producers Association hosted a set of garden tours for people to learn more about gardening and cooking local food. The first stop was at Country Road Garden. The owners, Tom and Mary Bodensteiner toured people around giving them essential tips they can take back home and little taste of what they do on their own farm.

Tom Bodensteiner says, "We have more of a heritage farm. We're on low mechanics, we do things like your grandparents do, that's because we're grandparents and we like to do it that way, We have chickens, cows, milk cows and pigs that we harvest ourselves and our garden that we sell at the farmers market.

In addition to exploring the farm, people took notes and shared ideas in hopes of making the most out of the experience.

"Everybody is always interested in trying to figure out how they can do something better or if they have a problem and they're trying to figure out if you've come up with a solution and alot of times the solution is that I don't know, I've never had that problem yet, it's just an interaction with people," Tom continued.

Other activities for the day included food safety, lunch at Colonial house, and a chef's perspective on local food.