South Dakota DOT braces for spring snowstorm

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Yet another winter storm is bearing down on the area. Road issues are almost a certainty.

Spring storms almost always bring more needed moisture than winter storms across our area, and are often followed by above freezing temperatures. Unlike what you may expect, road crews sometimes don't apply any treatment to the roads, they go up and down the same path multiple times to keep them as clear as they can with the equipment they have. However, with intense snowfall rates and strong winds, this specific storm may require interstate closures in some areas.

South Dakota DOT Rapid City Area Engineer, Mike Carlson says, "We use your forecast, and then we look at the actual conditions during the storm, then make a determination, how's traffic traffic handling the storm, are they having issues out there. Then if that's the case, we'll go ahead and close the interstate, and we'll leave it closed until we get things cleaned back up again."

The South Dakota Department of Transportation expects a decision to be made on whether or not to close I-90 later Thursday night or very early Friday. That decision could come down at any time, including during the storm as well.