Some businesses benefit from the freezing cold weather

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The freezing weather has hit businesses hard, but not every business.

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim shows us two places that are benefiting from the cold weather.

With temperatures in the negatives, many people just want to relax and drink something warm.

Coffee shops like Alternative Fuel in Rapid City have become a warm haven where customers can sit down and sip on a hot cup of coffee.

Alternative Fuel Owner Michelle Pulling believes the cold weather has brought an increase in sales.

She also says they've have had a good season so far.

Michelle Pulling says, "When it's cold like this, it's something that we're not really used to being here in the banana belt, but when it's cold like this, it's always something that we kind of want to do. We want to have something warm to drink and something warm or hot to eat so it's always nice having a coffee house because people want to come in. They want to visit. They want to sit around and just have something warm in their hand and in their tummy."

Several gyms also experience a surge in clientele.

Koko FitClub Owner Diane Knutson says they tend to get more winter athletes around this time of year.

Diane Knutson says, "One of the things that we see in the winter months are the increase of skiers that come and train for the slopes so they're in shape when they go out and have more control on the slopes."

Knutson thinks people tend to exercise inside during this season because they're less likely to get injured.

Diane Knutson says, "It's hard with the ice and the slush. People that are usually walking or running outside, there's the obstacles of slipping and falling. Here you have a controlled environment that's safe. You have equipment that's really conducive to working out so you can still get that exercise and not be out in the elements."

Knutson says Koko FitClub receives many new clients around New Year's as well.

She says being the best you is a present for you and other people because you can give more when you're at your top performance.

Katrina Lim, Black Hills FOX News.