Some air travelers unhindered by partial government shutdown

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Thousands of Transportation Security Administration officers across the country are either furloughed or forced to work without pay.

Many are calling in sick, causing long lines at airport security checkpoints.

Staff from Rapid City Regional Airport declined to comment on camera, but say despite the partial shutdown, there seems to be no delays out of Rapid City.

Angie Charlson flew out of Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport and says her security check went pretty smoothly.

Angie Charlson says, "There weren't any waits. I got through the security checkpoint in less than a minute."

Passengers flying out of Las Vegas and Boise shared the same sentiments.

Carol Cook, who flew out of Las Vegas, says, "It was really fast. There weren't that many people there and there weren't that many people on the plane either. It was a real nice flight."

Jeff Parker, who flew out of Boise, says, "I mean overall not much has changed. Nothing really has been different. The lines were pretty much the same. If anything maybe a little bit longer, but not really too much of a difference."

One TSA employee said, "I like my job. They'll pay me when they pay me," and didn't wish to further comment.

Other customers said they appreciate TSA employees for continuing to help keep people safe despite working without pay.