"Solids, liquids, and gases, oh my" at The Journey Museum

Published: Nov. 19, 2017 at 6:11 PM MST
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The museum brought in former National Science Teacher of the Year

Ken Graupmann from the Discovery Center in Pierre, for an engaging presentation on the three states of matter.

Using everyday items like balloons, rubber balls, and a little participation from the crowd, he showed what happens when these items meet liquid nitrogen and dry ice. He says he hope his presentation gives students a fresh perspective on science.

Ken Graupmann, outreach for South Dakota Discovery Center, says "In the education field, math and science teachers are in high demand and alot of the smaller schools have a great difficulty finding someone to teach those subjects, and so if you get a little excited about science and you say "gee i can become a physicist or a chemist or a biologist, I can teach and I've accomplished something.

If any educator needs ideas on what they can bring to their own classroom, Mr. "G" can be contacted through the Discovery center in Pierre.