Happy Tails Haven has a big heart and a big need for hay

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Rapid City, SD An organization dedicated to helping four legged creatures of all shapes and sizes now needs a little help of their own. we'll introduce to you Happy Tales Haven a small rescue organization with a lot of heart.

Klara Parks, Happy Tails Haven Animal Rescue Director says,"Animal rescue is hard ... it's heart wrenching its also very very heart warming and very very rewarding."

It all started four years ago when Klara Parks saw a need in the Black Hills Community

"We rescue local horses... horses in need so that's basically what we do and we are the only ones here in western South Dakota" says Parks.

She says saving animals is in her blood.

Parks says, "I guess I'm just a born caretaker. I'm a nurse by profession and so that's basically what I do."

But what they lack in size they make up for in the large amount of good they do for the animals.

"We're small, we're not big we don't have a lot of acreage therefore we kind of have to be selective I wish we could do a lot more than we do but in the mean time we have an obligation to the horses that we have here to give them the very best care and the very best feed that we possibly can which brings us to the hay crisis" says Parks.

After a few years of drought and bad crops ... hay prices have tripled sending this non-profit on a desperate search for hay and donors.

Parks says, "The last two weeks we've gone through 4 round bales of hay. At 160 bucks per bales, that's a lot of money and to continue that becomes pretty cost prohibitive if we don't have any help."

Parks says that if just ten donors came out and supplied a small square bale each..

"They're running 8.75 to 11 dollars per bale if ten people did that it would feed these horse for a few days so any little bit would be greatly appreciated" says Parks.

The sanctuary is willing to accept monetary or hay donations ... and are currently hosting a fundraiser for their hay budget.

Parks says, "What we are doing right now is that we have a raffle for a trip to Jamaica and so the tickets are 25 each ad it's for a trip or 2000 dollars what ever the winner would choose and so we are selling 500 raffle tickets at 25 dollars each and we are also in need of about 20 or 30 people that would be willing to take booklets of ten and sell them for us that would be very very helpful. "