Rapid City Police arrest Skywest pilot

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Rapid City Police say they arrested a Skywest airlines pilot Wednesday morning after being notified that he smelled of alcohol.
It happened at about 8:00am Wednesday shortly before Flight 4574 was scheduled to leave for Salt Lake City.

Police say they arrested 38-year old Russel Duszak of Salt Lake City, Utah and charged him with operating an aircraft under the influence of alcohol.

Lt. Mark Eisenbraun says, "We were notified from TSA staff that they believed that they smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage on one of the pilots. An so they notified one of our law enforcement officers who is stationed at the airport and then that officer called in resources from the police department to help. He was cooperative. He was cooperative. It's a very unfortunate situation, but it was calm."

Police say South Dakota law prohibits the operation of an aircraft with a BAC above .04.
They would not say what Duszak tested at.
The Skywest plane ended up leaving Rapid City at about 10:30 Wednesday morning.
In a statement, Skywest said it holds its employees "to the highest standards of professionalism" and apologized to passengers for the delay.
The airline says the pilot has been placed on administrative leave and removed from flying duties during an investigation.