Skijoring: Horse plus skis equal fun times

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What sport can you do that involves horse back riding, skiing, and a rope?

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim travels to Deadwood to learn about skijoring.

Today audience members were cheering on their favorite racers at the Deadwood Event Complex.

Rick McGrath says, "Skijoring is a, you have a course, and then you have a horse and a skiier and rider and you've got some rings set up. The trick is it's timed."
And not only is skijoring timed, but you also need to collect all the rings and ski through every gate of the course... or get penalized for missing any of them.

Although Zach Ulmer has been skiing since he was three years old, he says he's never skijored before.

Skijorer Zach Ulmer says, "It's a little different because you have the rope and you're pulling on your arms. You have to control the slack because if you let a bunch of slack get in the rope, you get whiplash from the horse and so it's a little different, but once you get going it feels alright. It just feels like being on skis."

This is the second annual Black Hills Ski Team Skijoring event.

And with some cowboys and skiers on the same team, one ski coach says it made sense to blend the two passions together.

Ski Coach Rick McGrath says, "Well we have, some of the people on the team are cowboys, cowgirls and the rest of us are skiers so we just thought it would be great time to combine the two and see what we could do."

McGrath says they put a lot of effort into this fundraiser and hope everyone enjoys themselves.

Zach Ulmer says, "Definitely a lot of fun. It's something I would definitely do again. I'm really glad I'm doing this today. New experience."

The money from this event will help the ski team travel to different races and workshops.