Shift in Rapid City sales tax paves the way for road repairs

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN TV )- Rapid City has nearly 400 miles of streets, and maintaining them does not come cheap.

This is why the Rapid City Council approved the reallocation of a 2 percent sales tax starting next year. It will give an increase of $3.4 million for improvements for infrastructure, such as roads.

Mayor Steve Allender says right now Rapid City spends $25 million a year in infrastructure. But even though road improvements are needed, he says the city has to be smart with its spending.

"That's a huge investment and so we are not in a position to double that in order to get everyone's streets up to a perceived greater level of quality. It’s just not cost effective. It’s not a good use of that money," the mayor explained.

Allender says his hope for the future is to take a reasonable approach to street conditions in Rapid City.

He says he is focusing on collector roads, residential and main arteries.