Sheepdogs put their skills to the test at the Black Hills Stock Show

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN)- Dirt was flying, and the clock was ticking, as handlers and their dogs scrambled to get the sheep into the pen as quickly as possible.
This was also a good opportunity for all the handlers to market their dogs. "There will be people coming up, if they like your dog, if you've got pups for sale, any trained dogs, started dogs, anything like that, too," said an experienced dog handler, Tim Flint.

While some sheep were being chased after, there were also sheep being held down for a very fast haircut, as the national sheep shearing championship took place. The sheep may had a lot to put up with right now, but, from the "sheep day" at the stock show, we could learn how the sheep industry is important to South Dakota.

For example, wool products come from sheep. South Dakota sheep farms also produce a good portion of the country's lamb meat.

"All the American lamb, South Dakota lamb is antibiotics free, hormone free and just naturally delicious," said Gwendolyn Kitzan from Kitzan Family Farms.