Shearing shapes sheep industry

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Rapid City, SD The Black Hills Stock show honors all things sheep on Thursday

The sheep day events started with the annual sheep shearing contest.

Sheep shearers compete in divisions starting from beginners to professionals clearing two sheep of a years' worth of heavy wool.

The goal of the contest is to get the cleanest sheep with the wool in once piece but organizers say the event is also designed to honor the sheep industry.

Dave Ollila, SDSU sheep field specialist says,"Similar to rodeo we try to get people together to conduct those competitions and to allow these sheep shearers some recognition and competitive sprite so see how one another compares with one another at the same time to herald the industry and recognize the importance of their job without them, we as sheep producers wouldn't be able to what we do."

Professional Sheep Shearers will normally give over 200 sheep a hair cut each day.