Several shoppers say Black Friday is quiet in Rapid City this year

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Retail workers across the country usually describe Black Friday as hectic, but some customers in Rapid City say otherwise.

We stopped by JCPenney at Rushmore Mall to ask folks how their Black Friday experience has been so far.

And most of them say it's been quiet and manageable.

Cante Heart of Rapid City, SD says, "I think it's more busy this time of year. I think it's pretty crazy that people come out after giving thanks."

Pam Ramp of Buffalo, NY says, "I've stopped in Buffalo, Chicago, and Boston. This is a lot more mellow here. It's enjoyable as long as you know what you're out for. I know I've heard Best Buy was crazy this morning."

Blade Martin of Knoxville, TN says, "It's been manageable. Just trying to find this stuff has been more of a challenge for me. It's busier than I though it would be for Rapid City because I've lived up here for about a year."

Abby Todman of Milwaukee, WI says, "I think it's normal because everybody knows what they want. Everybody goes to the store they want so that way they're not fighting over one thing. But it's really quite actually a nice flow."

The Black Friday shoppers say they've stopped at multiple stores... including Walmart, Journeys, Herberger's, and Cabela's.