Seventh Circuit Court rules partially in favor of Epic Outdoor Advertising

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Seventh Circuit Court Judge Matthew Brown has issued a ruling partially in favor of Epic Outdoor Advertising in its case against the City of Rapid City.

The Advertising company has been battling the city for the past few years in regards of its public purpose billboards. Epic originally began operating four of its billboards back in 2005 before full-motion video was prohibited. However Rapid City adopted a new ordinance in 2012 that banned animation and full-motion video, including on public purpose signs.

For the past few years, the city has attempted to enforce that law against Epic, but this week the Seventh Judicial Circuit court reversed the Zoning Board's decision to uphold that ordinance.

According to Epic's attorney Micheal Sabers, his client was harrassed by the city and every right to be frustrated.

In a release this afternoon, the city said "We will thoroughly review the court's decision to determine our options and consult with the City Council for its decision on moving forward."